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Helens Close, Upwood, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire PE26 2QN,

England (UK).





Keith, Sarah

and family.


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Visit Keith's Historic Ramsey web site -  


Keith and his family are members of the church of Christ, meeting in Ramsey.   

Keith is an Upwood and Raveleys Parish Councillor - see

Keith is a member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists.

Keith is an active member of RoADA 'Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents - Advanced Drivers Association.

Keith is editor of the local Cambridgeshire RoSPA group CADG magazine - 'Round the Bend'.

Keith holds the RoSPA Gold Advanced Driving Certificate and is a RoSPA Diploma Holder qualified to give Advanced Driving Instruction. He does this free through CADG, the local RoSPA group.


Keith and Sarah run their own businesses, the School Run Company.



Christmas, 2005, please click on Dad's olde Jag below:



Upwood is a small village, less than two miles from the town of Ramsey which is to the north.  On the map they are located half way between Peterborough (north) and Huntingdon (south).  Cambridge is to the east.  Ramsey is located on the south western edge of the fens.


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