Young Thomas helps Cambridgeshire County Council uncover a cover-up!

The Ramsey Culverts or 'Three Arches', visited Sunday afternoon 25 September, 2005, by Thomas, a local lad


The following pictures show damage to the culvert roof and possible location in the Great Whyte on the B1040, Ramsey, Cambridgeshire







"Culverts can be dangerous to your Health!"

Huntingdonshire County Council have asked we place this 'health warning' notice on the Web Site, we agree and recommend the following advice  - mainly, stay out of the culverts!

Cambridgeshire County Council say "Stay out, the Culverts are ours"

These culverts are potentially very dangerous, suitable equipment should be worn, including the use of portable gas detectors if venturing any great distance inside with BA kit.  

We do not recommend people entering, and if so, you must notify responsible people prior to entry.

NEVER enter after rainfall, or when the current is fast flowing.

NEVER enter alone.

Our advice is simple, enjoy the pictures and do not attempt any entry at any time - in other words "Stay out"!



After the 'health warning' you can now make a cup of coffee and enjoy the pictures!




Thomas prepares to enter the culverts from Bury Brook under the Nat West Bank, carrying a high powered halogen lamp, and wearing waders he is kitted out to explore the subterranean delights of ancient Ramsey!




Looking back towards Thomas from under the Nat West Bank



Thomas finds what appears to be an old road sign, defying gravity, covering a hole in the road! Presumably who ever done this thought their cover up would not be uncovered!



In this picture a badly dislodged brick is high lighted



Thomas attaches string to part of the old mechanism for controlling water flow, located under a manhole cover in the Great Whyte near the town clock, thus being assured of a reference point



Thomas holds the string under the damaged roof, cutting it, so an accurate measurement can be made later



Thomas now on the manhole cover prepares to draw the string along the road, to see where the hole is!



Thomas finds the work where he thinks the road sign is stopping the road and road users from falling into oblivion!  Recent work carried out near to the junction with Little Whyte, still visible from the road scaring







Thomas finds an area of possible stress shown by the cracking of the tar, nowhere else on this repair is there any sign of upset, just here, where we think the road sign is holding the road in place! See the two pictures below. The culvert below is solid, there should be no movement because there is nowhere to go, unless there is a hole in the roof of the culvert!



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