Ramsey Urban District Council Fire Brigade

Pictures taken before World War 2


The two following pictures were taken about 1934

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On the Fire Engine left to right are - T. Rix, W. Gilding, T. Gibson, R. Marriot, C. Ray.

DRIVER - L. Lee.

On the ground, C. Topper, G. Holmes, A. Complin, G Swearer.

Lt. G. Middleton, J. Dawson, G. Marriot, F. Seekins. D. Gibson.


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The three cars following the 'pump' are from Batemans, the leading car being driven by Mr Payne in the 1940s


The Great Fire of Ramsey, June 13, 1911 in which there were fatalities

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Looking south along the Great Whyte, the end biulding is the 'Boat Inn', so named from the days it served bargemen when the Great Whyte was an open river.  The burnt houses were replaced with Coronation Terrace in 1911, the same year as the fire.

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The Terrace today.


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Here the Boat Inn can be clearly seen along with the other damaged houses.  Todays veiw below.

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Pictures of the fire at Fairfields that occurred on 27th May 2008, click here