Pictures of Ramsey



Below is Private Thomas Hutchison, he was enlisted in the" Hunts
Cyclists" then moved to "The City of London Yeomanry" (Rough Riders) which is
when the picture was taken.   Later he was in "The Machine Gun Corps".  He
served in France and Egypt surviving the Great War. He lived with his family at the "Unicorn" at the end of Little Whyte. The Unicorn and Little Whyte can be seen in the picture above, on the right, half way up, on the corner.




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The Three Horse Shoes, Little Whyte, known as the 'three kickers'


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Westward Ho


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Splash Bridge


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The Police Station and Magistrates Court, Ramsey

What follows is the unfortunate tale of Josef Jakobs; the last person to be executed (by firing squad) at the Tower of London. Jakobs was held at the Police Station after being arrested by the sergeant.

The charge -  "Committing treachery in that you at Ramsey in Huntingdonshire on the night of 31 January 1941/1 February 1941 descended by parachute with intent to help the enemy."

Jakkobs' broke his right ankle, when he was getting out of the plane and on landing had fired his revolver to summons help, not that the help was much good to him, they performed what is known as a citizens arrest, it is not good to mess with Ramsey folk! Jakobs was found by James Godfrey, Harry Coulson and Charles Baldock at Dovehouse Farm, Ramsey Hollow. The Police were notified and Sergeant Ernest Pottle rushed to the scene using a high speed horse and cart!

Jakobs was made to open his attaché case, which contained a wireless set, headphones, batteries, insulating wire and some sheets of paper and maps of Upwood.

At 7.12am on 15 August 1941, an eight-man firing squad composed from members of The Holding Battalion, Scots Guards, shot unfortunate Josef Jakobs, who was sitting in a brown Windsor chair (due to his poor foot).



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The Post Office and Postmen in the High Street



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First it was called Ramsey Board School, when biult in 1902, later Ramsey Council School, and now the Junior School

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Ramsey Council School 1922 infant boys.  Now the junior school