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View of old Ramsey from the church.


Below is the same view taken by David Paynter in February 2008. David is the Church Steeple Keeper and took the picture from the belfry.



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This Website is about Ramsey (Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire) and Photographs of Ramsey.  Modern photos and old photos, at the bottom of this page is a link to other sites that have more information, but if it's photos you want see this is where you will want to be.  It takes a few moments to load each page, the results are worth the wait, so make a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy!....

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Pictures of Yesteryear Ramsey
Church and Abbey Green

The Culverts or 'Three Arches'

St. Ives Bridge Chapel

Woodwalton Fen

Ramsey Fire Service

Xmas 2011


Modern day Ramsey and area below..

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Gateway to the Abbey, now Ramsey Abbey School


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Ramsey Time, England

The Town Clock, dating from 1886, it was originally powered by water from the river that still flows underneath the town.  Today it is now powered by electricity. The mechanism being replaced in the 1920s and still working strong, occasionally oiled and cleaned by Keith!..

Locally the Clock is known as the 'Dummy' because it doesn't chime!

To take a walk with Keith and friends under the clock - 'click on the tunnels below'...



Pictures below, taken in the mid 1980s.






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The High Street, Ramsey looking towards the Church.


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The Spinning Infants School


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As the mill was in the 1930s



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